Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pics thru the years......

LaPlace Frostop 1958
The original look of the LaPlace Frostop 1958. The mug would be moved to a pole out front in the early 1960's. The mug and building would also have neon added in the 60's. The dining room as well as storage areas and the office would be added later on also.

LaPlace Frostop 1981

The above picture was taken after the 1981 remodeling. The original tile has been covered over with red wood.

LaPlace Frostop Early 1990's

The picture above is from the early 1990's. The red wood is now covered with a cream siding.

LaPlace Frostop 1996
The above picture is from the summer of 1996. Formosan termites had destroyed the roof as well as all of the walls of the building. The original flat roof was changed to a pitched roof. All of the wooden walls of the building were redone. The siding and wood were stripped off of the building and new cream tile was put over the original tile.

The building as it looks today!

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