Sunday, May 2, 2010

Huntington, West Virginia Frostop

This will be the first in what I hope to be a series on other Frostop from across the United States. With the few remaining Frostop scattered across the country, I thought it was important to document those that are left.
Part I:
Huntington Frostop
The Frostop in Huntington, West Virginia is co-owned by sisters Marilyn Murdock and Bing Murphy. Their father, Rupert McGinnis, and uncle, William Warnock, opened the business on May 29, 1959. The Frostop was run by McGinnis until his death in 1980 and then taken over by his wife until her death in 1996. The sisters took over ownership of the business at that time. They said they have learned quite a bit of the business from the employees - three of them have been with Frostop for over 25 years!
Co-Owners Marilyn Murdock & Bing Murphy
The Frostop building has remained true to its original design. The mug on the roof even still turns!

Close up picture of mug on the roof

The Huntington Frostop serves many items typically found at drive-in restaurants. Burgers, BBQ pork sandwich, fried fish sandwich, french fries, onion rings, ice cream, shakes, and sundaes. The two signature items would be their root beer and hot dogs. The root beer is still served in a frosty mug as it should be. Huntington, WV is known for its Hot Dog Festival the Huntington Frostop is part of that hot dog tradition. The Frostop even sponsors the root beer chugging contest.

http://http// The Huntington Frostop celebrated its 50th anniversary on Saturday May 30, 2009 with a car show and anniversary cake.

50th Anniversary Cake

To see the great videos from the anniversary click the link below.

Their Facebook group page:
I Love Frostop Drive-In In Huntington West Virginia
Pictures courtesy of the I Love Frostop Drive-In In Huntington West Virginia Facebook group page. I would also like to thank Marilyn Murdock for her help with information for this article.

The LaPlace Frostop would like to congratulate the Huntington Frostop on its 51st anniversary on May 29, 2010. It is great to so another Frostop that has stood the test of time. Hope you keep your mug turning for many more years to come!

The Frostop in Huntington, WV is located at:
1449 Hal Greer Blvd.
Huntington, WV 25701-4113
Phone: 304-523-6851

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