Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Frostop Building Design and Patent

The first Frostop root beer stand was opened in 1926 by Mr. L.S. Harvey in Springfield, Ohio. Frostop stands spread throughout the country until the onset of World War II. During the war years, the expansion slowed due to shortages of building materials, equipment, etc.

Early Frostop design

After the war, the chain resumed expansion. It was during this time that T.W. Ganus opened the South's first Frostop in 1954. He used the slogan "Under the Sign of the Revolving Stein." Mr. Ganus copyrighted the the design of the building and mug to be used by Frostop operators across the country. His design used the unique replica of a frosted mug filled with root beer revolving atop the Frostop building. He sold the design and patent to Frostop to be used on a national scale.

Metal Frostop Patent at the LaPlace Frostop

The patent was #183,836 for combined beverage and food vending building. The application for the patent was made July 15, 1957 - serial #46,953. The patent date was November 4, 1958. The term was for 14 years.

Front drawing of building from patent application LaPlace Frostop original building - 1958

To see the actual patent click the link below:
Information for this article courtesy of:
Frostopics Vol.1 No.2 August 1963
United States Patent Office

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  1. Is there any old pics of first Frostop that was in Springfield Ohio?