Tuesday, August 17, 2010

LaPlace Frostop on Memphis Beat

The LaPlace Frostop made its debut on national television on August 10, 2010. The TNT television show, Memphis Beat, gave us our shot at the "big time". We were shown in the last five minutes of the eighth episode titled "I Shall Not Be Moved". The scene starts out with a shot of the mug rotating in all its glory!

1st shot of the LaPlace Frostop on Memphis Beat
from the tv screen As the camera zooms in on the scene you see Dwight Hendricks, Jason Lee, walking over to join Lt. Rice, Alfre Woodard, at picnic tables in the front of the building. They are discussing the case they are working on. Dwight receives a phone call from Sutton confirming that there was no rain in Fayetteville, Arkansas in the month of December 1958. Dwight and Lt. Rice talk about the case a bit more before getting up to leave ending the scene.

Dwight and Lt. Rice in the front of the building from the tv screen

The episode was filmed at the LaPlace Frostop the morning of July 6, 2010. Here are a few shots from the crew setting up to shoot the scene.

They changed us to the Memphis Frostop

Dwight's Car Under the Mug

Various stages of the crew setting up
Jason Lee with LaPlace Frostop owner Terry Toler
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We would like to thank TNT and the crew and cast of Memphis Beat for choosing us to be in their great show.

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