Saturday, July 11, 2009

Frostop Root Beer

Nothing Tops it but the foam!
As an answer to a question that is often asked of us at the LaPlace Frostop, YES there is already someone bottling Frostop Root Beer! We are anxious to try it out and see how much it tastes like our homemade LaPlace Frostop root beer!
Here is a little history from their website:
Frostop® is a name that at its zenith was most familiar to millions of thirsty Americans. In 1926, Mr. L. S. Harvey opened his first Frostop® Root Beer stand in Springfield, Ohio. It was so successful that word quickly spread about his operation and its delicious, creamy root beer.Soon, Frostop® stands spread throughout the nation until the onset of World War II. During the war, expansion was curtailed due to shortages of building materials and equipment, as well as the flavors and sweetening agents so necessary in the manufacture of Frostop® Root Beer.After the war, Mr. Harvey, who was convinced that Frostop® was the finest root beer ever made, resumed expansion of the chain. Under new aggressive ownership in the 1950s, Frostop® experienced tremendous growth during the post war boom years of the drive-in era. The signature brown and yellow, neon lit stands, with their gigantic, revolving root beer mug on top, dotted the countryside and became a favorite place to rest and enjoy an icy cold frosted mug of Frostop®. The product's as good as ever, and we thought it was long overdue for a revival. The great genuine 1950s taste is now available for purchase in nostalgic brown bottles.
In 1958, at the height of Frostop's® fame,there were drive-in's all across America. The map on the right shows where the Frostop's were located.
Their website also lists where the product is available:
We are working hard to get more retail outlets to handle Frostop®. Ask your grocer to get you some today! Currently you may purchase bottled Frostop® Root Beer in parts of the following states: Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, California, and Oregon. This is about how their product is packaged: Frostop® is proud of their unique, custom packaging. The 1-liter bottle was patterned after another favorite 1950s design...the brown quart beer bottle. Now made in recyclable plastic and attractively labeled, 1-liter Frostop® is available through supermarkets. Frostop's® painted label, 16 oz., brown glass, long-neck beer bottle is available for single-serve sales through many convenience stores, deli's, and restaurants. Now Frostop® is available on tap in selected markets. Whether in a bottle or on draft in a frosted mug...
Frostop root beer is produced by Dan Meyers (President, Frostop Beverages, Inc., Hopkins, MN.
To learn more about the product check out their website
We raise our frozen mug to Frostop Beverages for helping to keep the Frostop brand alive!

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