Sunday, August 30, 2009

Frostop Root Beer Update!

In an update to our blog about Frostop Root Beer, I was able to obtain a few bottles of the bottled brand for a side by side taste test with our homemade LaPlace Frostop Root Beer. The results are now in after an afternoon of joyfully tasting two very good root beers! There is a definite similarity in the two root beers. As you can see in the above picture the Frostop Root Beer in the bottle is in the mug on the left, had an incredible head of foam. It surely lived up to its slogan of "Nothing Tops it...but the foam!
I can only assume the difference comes from a change in concentrate available to us through the years since Frostop as a chain ceased operation in the early 1980's. We have maintained our recipe through the years but no longer have the concentrate from years ago. There probably is a difference in changes that occur when taking a product from homemade to one that is bottled for mass consumption such as the use of preservatives for shelf life.
I of course love our homemade LaPlace Frostop root beer, since I have been drinking it since I was 3 years old, but if given the opportunity to buy a bottled root beer at the store I would choose the Frostop Brand bottled root beer over all others! Hopefully, one day it will be available in stores in South Louisiana.
I would also like to thank Frostop root beer for being so kind as to send me a few bottles of their root beer (plastic and glass), diet root beer, and their Vanilla Caramel Creme soda. All the products were great. My favorite was the Frostop in the glass bottle!
They were also kind enough to send along a great Frostop mug, glass, buttons, table tents, and a folder full of Frostop pictures and information. The most incredible and generous thing sent was an actual Frostop root beer tap for our recently restored wooden root beer barrel which is on display in our dining room. I would like to thank Daniel Meyers of Frostop and Frank Agin who helped make this possible. I give you two mugs up for your Frostop Root Beer and thank y'all for helping to keep the Frostop name alive. Perhaps one day they will make it down to south Louisiana with their "Mobile Thirst Aid Unit", would love to see it in person! To see a slideshow of some of the great pictures they sent click below!

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  1. Fun post! Sounds like a rough day of product testing. The new tap looks great on your barrel too!

  2. Thanks! It was a tough day's work for a day off but someone had to do it!

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