Tuesday, August 18, 2009

LaPlace Frostop 35th Anniversary - 1993

The LaPlace Frostop celebrated its 35th anniversary Saturday August 28, 1993 from 1-5pm. The day included a live broadcast on KHOM 104.1 with the DJ Dan McKay who ran events such a hulahoop contest for giveaways such as Frostop frisbees, coozies, and pens. In addition to the giveaways, there was special pricing with 99 cent Lot-O-Burgers and 35 cent soft drinks. The celebration was a great success!


  1. I miss Lot-O-Burgers!

    -- Dan McKay
    (now in Seattle, Washington)

  2. Wow - what a blast from the past!! You sure helped make that day great. Wish you could have been with us for our 50th in 2008.