Thursday, January 28, 2010

LaPlace Frostop Ads

Some of our great LaPlace Frostop ads through the years.

L'Observateur June 21, 1962 Celebrating the Opening of the dining room

L'Observateur 1967 Buy a Lot-O-Burger at 50 cents get second for 5 cents

L'Observateur 1973 announcing Frostop was now owned & operated my "Mr. Brown" Morris Terry and Jim Toler

L'Observateur 1975 Have you eaten at the Frostop lately?

River Parish Focus June 1978

L'Observatuer 1981 after the remodeling -Have you eaten at the new Frostop yet?

L'Obervateur 1981 announcing Frogurt

Times Picayune 1993 35th anniversary

L'Observateur 1993 35th anniversary

Times Picayune 1993 open cruise day

Times Picayune 1993 our nightly special
Times Picayune 2007 Cruise show in honor of the restored mug
Times Picayune November 2007 car show
Times Picayune 2008 50th anniversary
L'Observateur 2008 50th anniversary
Times Picayune 2008 Lot-O-Burger Combos
Times Picayune 2009 LaPlace Frostop Onion Ring Breading
Times Picayune 2009 Merry Christmas
L'Observateur January 2010 Down Through the Years
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