Thursday, January 21, 2010

LaPlace Frostop Dining Room Thru The Years.....

Building before the dining room was added
The LaPlace Frostop was built in 1958 strictly as a drive-in restaurant with no indoor seating. The dining room was added in 1962. Since the addition, the "patio" as we call it, has changed through the years as the building has been remodeled.
The dining room in 1973 used the actual cinder block walls. The menu boards displayed in our dining room lasted until the mid 1980's. The picture above shows a jukebox as well as a fixture of the past, a cigarette machine.
Early 1980's
By the early 1980's, we had new tables and chairs, but the light fixtures remained the same. Joining the jukebox and cigarette machine was the newest invention Space Invaders!
After the remodeling in 1981
The remodeling in 1981 covered the original cinder block walls with plaster.
The major remodeling in 1996 because of Formosan termites changed the dining room again. The plaster was removed and the cinder block walls were covered in stucco. We actually still use the tables from the early 1980's but the chairs were bought during the remodel of 1996. The lighting was finally changed out to fluorescent.
Since the early 1980's we have decorated our walls with some great local posters including Andouille Fest, Strawberry Fest, Crescent City Classic, and Pontchartrain Beach to name a few.
Our newest addition to the dining room is our LaPlace Frostop corner. It takes the place of what was our video poker area (1994-2008).
LaPlace Frostop "corner"

Dining room at Christmas time

The current dining room We would love to hear about memories that anyone might have of our dining room. Birthdays, special occasions, after swim meets, or any other memory we would love for you to share them with us! If anyone has pictures of the dining room we would love to see them also.


  1. Very cool to see the different "looks" through the years :)

  2. fantastic history tour! am glad y'all ditched the plastic chairs from the 70s and 80s :-)

  3. Glad you enjoyed the tour - thanks again for the idea! I don't miss those chairs or the orange formica that covered the front area and kitchen!

  4. Hey! My dad and my brother remodeled The Frostop! Butterbean and Paul Boudreaux!

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