Monday, March 8, 2010

Old Frostop Menu

Frostop Menu late '50's or early 60's

Many of the original items are still on our menu today. We still have the Lot-O-Burger. We still make our chili, bbq, and gravy. The grilled cheese, crab, and shrimp burgers are also still on the menu. The few items that didn't stay on the menu are the Sea Burger (Fish) and the old orange drink. The Butter Burger is our small burger but without the added butter.

Our current menu (shown below) has come a long way since the one shown above. We have added numerous items through the years to keep up with the changing taste buds of today's customers. We have retained the menu items that have stood the test of time.
We are still the "Home of the Lot-O-Burger and Frosted Mug Rootbeer"
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New Menu

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