Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Frosty Facts!

We are often asked many questions about Frostop. Questions such as tell us about the history, is there still a franchise, how many Frostops are left around the country, where did Frostop start, and do you still make the root beer. Hopefully we can answer all of these questions and give a few more Frostop facts for everyone.
Where did Frostop originate?
Contrary to what many people in the New Orleans area think, Frostop started in Springfield, Ohio in 1926. It was started by Mr. L.S. Harvey. Franchises then spread across the country.
Logo from a 1929 letter from Frostop founder L.S. Harvey
Building design before the giant mug

Is there still a franchise 
There is NO more franchise. The franchise went out of business in the early 1980's. Those Frostops left across the country are independent. You will find a wide ranging difference in menus at those that are left.

How many Frostops are left across the country?
There are 12 Frostops left around the country that we know about. If there are other locations out there we would love to know about them!
  Frostops that are operating in the original location:
1. Laplace Frostop Laplace, LA
2. Destrehan -*moved from original Jefferson Hwy. location
3. Ted's New Orleans, LA
4. Clearview Metairie, LA **not part of original chain
5. Baton Rouge, LA
6. Picayune, MS
7. Greenville, MS
8. Tell City, IN
9. Chrisman, IL
10. Huntington, WV
11. Larsen's St. George, UT
12. Ashton, ID

Where did the concept of the giant mug come from?
The concept of the giant rotating mug actually came from T.W. Ganus. The giant mug was first used in New Orleans. It was copyrighted by Ganus to limit its use to Frostop operators. The copyrighted designs and patents were sold to Frostop to be used on a national scale. To see our blog detailing this: http://laplacefrostop.blogspot.com/2009/07/under-sign-of-revolving-stein.html
Do you still make the root beer?
Yes, we actually still make our homemade root beer at the LaPlace Frostop. Many of the other Frostops also make their own root beer. There is actually a company that now owns the Frostop name and bottles the original recipe of Frostop root beer.  It is available locally at Matherne's and other AG grocery stores and Ace Hardware locations.
We hope this answers many of the questions about Frostop! Feel free to send us any other questions and we will try out best to answer them.