Sunday, March 27, 2011

Memphis Beat Photo Shoot at the LaPlace Frostop

We received an exciting call on Ash Wednesday from the folks with TNT's Memphis Beat. They were interested in using our LaPlace Frostop for a photo shoot for season 2 promotional shots. The date for the photo shoot happened to be the same day as our 1st DJ Saturday of 2011, March 19th. The DJ Saturday would have to be rescheduled for April since they would need the restaurant for the entire day.
The process for the photo shoot was very interesting. The crew for the photographer came the day before the shoot and set up for all of Saturdays shots. They marked off where all of the actors would stand. They knew exactly what the shots would be for the next day.
The first thing to arrive for the shoot on Saturday was the car that Jason Lee's character, Memphis Detective Dwight Hendricks drives. The GTO arrived along with two Memphis Police cars.

The Cars Arrive For The Photo Shoot

Soon after the arrival of the cars, the crew started to show up to get everything in place for the photo shoot.

All Set Up For The Shoot To Begin
After everything was in place, the five actors that would be in the photo shoot arrived.
The actors would be shot individually and then as a group for the promo shots.
The actors were Jason Lee (Detective Dwight Hendricks), Alfre Woodard (Lt. Tanya Rice), Sam Hennings (Detective Charlie White aka Whitehead), DJ Qualls (uniform cop), and Leonard Earl Howze (Detective Reginald Greenback).

The Cast Shots

Chairs Set Up In Our Dining Room For The Cast

Takes Lots Of People For A Quick Photo Shoot

Photographer Justin Stephens, Crew, And Folks From TNT
To check out the terrific previous work of the photographer Justin Stephens - see his website below.
To check out Memphis Beat online:
Thanks to TNT and Memphis Beat for choosing our LaPlace Frostop for the season two promotional shots!

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